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Barefoot bowling is an old sport. One can trace its origin somewhere in the 13th century in Britain. There is however no telling exactly when it started as it may have started much earlier than the said century.

Who can play?

History has it that barefoot bowling was a sport for the elderly. Even to date, this perception still persists. However, there is an encouraging number of young people who are seen flocking bowling clubs to participate in the sport.

It can be played by people of all ages. Age is never really a determiner as to who can play. Perhaps, one can say that health and the mental state of the players are the only things that really count. As long as you can follow rules, or anyone who wants to play can, that is all they will need.

It is worth noting that talent and practice are not prerequisites in barefoot bowling. All that is ever required of any player is to be able to roll the bowls towards the jack. A jack, or also a kitty, is the ball that is placed on one end of the green lawn to which the players, standing on the opposite direction, move the bowls towards, visit maidwhiz.com.

Where can it be played?

Barefoot bowling is usually played on well manicured lawns. The players are usually divided in teams which play against each other. since the sport does not require so much on the part of players in terms of exercise, it can be played by the old and other people who cannot train much because of their own reasons or because of their strict work schedules.

It is perfect for family reunions, picnics, and team building exercises for company employees and many other such events. This is because of in these events, there are people of different ages who will not have to struggle so much to play. Besides, barefoot bowling emphasizes teamwork which is good for bonding exercises.

Since most bowling clubs ensure that there are good DJs, musicians, bands, barbecue and beer during their events, these events can also be good for young people. Indeed, the hype that surrounds modern barefoot bowling attracts hordes of young people and explains the popularity among them.

Simple rules

Like we have already mentioned, barefoot bowling is not a difficult sport. It also follows that it does not have tough rules. There are a few things to keep in mind when bowling. For instance, the bowls should not move beyond the boundaries that have been set. The other thing that players need to remember is that they should not destroy the green. Therefore, they should not walk on it with stilettos or play roughly until the surface of the green starts peeling off.

While the history of barefoot bowling states that the sport was especially for the old, things have changed. Nowadays, young people, in their numbers, flock bowling clubs to participate in the bowls. It is definitely going to be around for many years to come if this trend continues.